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EC surfboard Diamond Sled yellow 9.6 서핑 롱보드 품절

상품명 EC surfboard Diamond Sled yellow 9.6 서핑 롱보드
브랜드 EC
소비자가 ₩2,150,000
판매가 ₩2,150,000
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EC surfboard Diamond Sled yellow 9.6 서핑 롱보드 수량증가 수량감소 2150000 (  )
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EC Surfboards 는 미국 캘리포니아주 오렌지 카운티의 쉐이퍼

ERIC CHRISTENSON 의 손으로 만들어지는 커스텀 서프 보드 입니다.

< shaper " Eric Christenson" >

eric shaping

Eric Christenson developed an eye for shaping at an early age of 21.

While he embraces the legends before him,

he also looks forward to fresh ideas and shapes.

This fusion of traditional style and modern performance has resulted in the

creation of progressive, neo classics.


<EC Surfboards Diamond Sled 9'6" x 23" x3">

(285cm x 58.5cm x 7.6cm)






The Diamond Sled has been a mainstay in the EC noserider lineup for several years now.

A wide but not too wide nose combined with a mellow rocker

and wide diamond tail make this board a favorite for under head high classic longboard waves.

You don’t want to confuse this board with other noseriders

that push you up and out of the wave face with too much tail lift and nose concave.

This board has a subtle blend of both

that keep you speeding through your trim sections and balanced on the nose,

without slowing you down.

This board turns remarkably well for being a full figured noserider.

An upright Dave Nuuhiwa style fin, Heritage or Nuuhiwa lightweight fin (for extra snappy cutbacks)

works very well on the Diamond Sled.

  • Bottom contour:
  • Concave entry, flat roll mid, a-lot-o-vee off the back
  • Fin setup:
  • Single

<서핑보드 배송관련 유의사항>

서핑보드의 경우 파손이 쉬운 재질적 특성상 가급적 매장에서 직접 수령하시길 권해드립니다.
택배 배송의 경우 배송전 검품후 에어패킹 및 박스 포장 하여 배송됩니다.
택배 배송과정에서 생기는 크랙 및 딩에서는 당사에서 책임 지지 않으니
신중한 결정 부탁드리며
배송시 착불 요금이 부과 됩니다.


Surf's up SEOUL
서울시 강남구 언주로 168길 33

Tel: 02-511-2503


Surf's up YangYang
강원도 양양군 현남면 동산큰길 17

Tel: 033-671-0549



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